Sleepy Hollow map

Sleepy Hollow Resort is located in South Haven, Michigan, at 7400 North Shore Drive. Click on the map to go to MapQuest.
Phone: 269.637.1127

Sleepy Hollow sign

This sign welcomes visitors at the entrance to Sleepy Hollow on North Shore Drive. Photos of the grounds and lake are posted in our photo gallery.

Venue Information for Sleepy Hollow Resort

Musicians rent units—at the off-season rate—that contain one, two or three bedrooms. To save money, they can share a unit with one or more other participants. There will be no food service at Sleepy Hollow. Of course the units have modern kitchens, so those preferring to eat in can do so. There are also many fine restaurants in the area for those who prefer to be served.

To see the new and improved facilities, go to our Sleepy Hollow Resort gallery page or to the Sleepy Hollow Beach Resort website.

What it costs

Pricing is on a per-condo basis, which means that the more players there are who share a unit, the less the cost will be for each individual. The only other charge is a $50 artist-in-residence fee per player. Here are the rates as quoted by Sleepy Hollow Resort:

# of bedrooms 1 night 2 nights 3 nights
1 $165 $330 $495
2 $240 $480 $720
3 $280 $560 $840

The way this works out is that if three players want a 3-bedroom unit for all three nights, each person would pay $280. If four people split it (the living rooms have sofa beds), the individual cost for the weekend would be $210. Similarly, if two people wanted a two-bedroom unit for two nights (i.e., Friday and Saturday), it would cost $240 apiece; if three shared, it would be $160. Players are encouraged to arrange with a friend or friends in advance, or they may call Jackie Mortorff at the Resort and she may be able to help you work out a sharing arrangement.

Making a reservation

To make your reservation, please contact Jackie Mortorff at Sleepy Hollow.
Phone: 269.637.1127. Fax: 269.637.3824.
Address: 7400 North Shore Drive, South Haven. MI 49090.

Sleepy Hollow now accepts credit cards from Discover, Visa and MasterCard as well as personal checks. There will be a $50 advance deposit for your reservation.

After making a reservation, our schedulers, Tom Morgan and Alison Edwards, need to know what day and time you are coming and what instrument(s) you plan to play. Call Tom at 847.850.9038, or email him at To reach Alison, the phone number is 847.863.8941 or email her at