It All Happens at Sleepy Hollow Resort in South Haven, Michigan

The beat goes on

Golden Chamber Music is the twice-yearly gathering of players at South Haven's Sleepy Hollow Resort. Started back in 1969 by Sam and Paula Golden of Chicago, the program thrives today despite Sam's passing in early 2016. Players continue to come, and the numerous tasks formerly undertaken by the founders are now being capably handled by Alison Edwards and Tom Morgan along with a quiet team of faithful volunteers.

Founders Sam and Paula Golden

This cello-playing Chicago couple was responsible for starting the whole chamber music program.

Typical session

How the program works

Three times a day each weekend, different combinations of musicians assemble as groups in the various newly rebuilt condos at the resort. Armed with their quartets, quintets, trios, whatever, these players make the finest music they can on the spot. Above: violinist Kay DeLuca, cellist Alice Karosas, violist Kristi Hansen, violinist Marcia Cozzi.

Additional photos of our concerts and related weekend activities are posted on the updated Photo Gallery page.



September 19-22, 2019

Optional weekend works:

  • Dvorak Op. 61
  • Mozart K. 575

Alison Edwards and Tom Morgan

The Program Coordinators:
Alison Edwards and Tom Morgan

Ace assigners Alison and Tom relax at the Saturday night concert after almost completing another weekend of artful diplomacy in assigning players to compatible groups — hopefully without too many complaints. Players from the upper Midwest (and frequently beyond) keep returning, and new players continue to give it a try. A weekend at Sleepy Hollow promises fulfillment in terms of chamber music participation, socializing with old acquaintances as well as making new contacts, and doing it all in pleasant surroundings on scenic Lake Michigan.

The Saturday Night Potluck Supper

Sylvelin Bouwman, right, directs traffic in the kitchen, with assistants Pat Addis and Joan Blair. It was Sylvelin who originated the concept and who now has assumed responsibility for keeping things organized, a big job once handled by Paula.