Golden Chamber Music
at Sleepy Hollow


Golden Chamber Music at Sleepy Hollow is a twice-yearly weekend gathering of adult chamber musicians who play "for the love of it." The weekends take place at the Sleepy Hollow Resort in South Haven, Michigan.

Anyone who enjoys playing chamber music can attend. Most participants are string instrument players, but other instruments are welcome to form "strings plus" ensembles, including pianists and wind players.

Tom and Alison

The Weekend Program

The weekend consists of seven (or eight) sessions:

Sessions last about two hours and take place in the Sleepy Hollow condos or the community room. Players commit to play any or all sessions. The program coordinators arrange players into different groups for each session. Players then gather at their appointed locations and decide what to play.


Players bring music from home that they want to play or share. In addition, the coordinators and other participants bring a collection of music that can be borrowed for any of the sessions.

For those who wish to prepare specific works in advance, optional "works of the weekend" are announced. While it is not guaranteed that you will play one of the "works of the weekend," because players decide among themselves what to play at each session, these pieces will be an obvious choice. Please see "Optional weekend works" in the schedule listed above.

Housing and Costs

Most people rent condo units at Sleepy Hollow Beach Resort. However, there is no requirement for players to stay at Sleepy Hollow. Units have one, two, or three bedrooms. To save money, you can share a unit with one or more other participants. There is no food service at Sleepy Hollow and you will need to arrange your own meals. All units have modern, well-equipped kitchens, and many participants prepare at least some of our meals in the units. A list of area restaurants and groceries will be available when you arrive. The units and grounds are equipped with wi-fi. To see the facilities, go to the Sleepy Hollow Beach Resort website.

(An 11% state and tourism tax will be added to the lodging bill.)

In addition, participants pay $30.00 for the weekend to offset expenses incurred by the program coordinators.

Reservation and Registration

It is highly recommended to make reservations ahead, as the resort is often fully booked for these weekends. Contact Sleepy Hollow Resort to make a reservation.

A $50 advance deposit (credit card or check) is required for a reservation. You pay the remaining balance two weeks before the weekend. The person making the reservation is responsible for paying the bill and collecting reimbursement from their housemates. We encourage you to make your room reservation as early as possible. The remaining available rooms will be released about a month before we meet.

After making a reservation, the coordinators need to hear from you. Contact them to give them your contact information and to let them know what instrument(s) you play and which sessions you intend to participate in.

What to Bring